Artist Spotlight: Chev Robinson

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“My personal experiences make it uncomfortable for me to relax when I know I can’t yet” says Allentown, Pennsylvania rapper Chev Robinson. Robinson has learned through his experiences that there is no time to waste when it comes to capturing the dream of becoming a big name in the rap game.

Chev Robinson could be considered a lyrical prodigy, starting to write early forms of poetry at just age 6. He then created his own nursery rhymes at age 8, and by age 12, Robinson had several songs fully written. He seemed to be destined to become some type of wordsmith, so it was no surprise when he started rapping.

Although the lyrics came to him easy, Chev Robinson’s rap career has been anything but a cakewalk. First shows are always a tough one for young artists but even tougher when there turns out to be no one in the audience. Robinson recalls his first ever show and remembering nobody showing up;

“My first show was at Croc Rock [Cafe in Allentown] and I’ll never forget nobody showed up, not even the main act that i was suppose to open up for. It was just me, my sister, and the sound guy setting up the audio equipment.”

That experience could have given him thoughts about giving up his rap career right then and there, but Robinson took it as a learning experience:

“I took every show from then on out as practice no matter how many people showed up. [The first show] helped me in the end to keep an optimistic attitude no matter how small the crowd is…Any artist in it for the long run should know nothing happens over night and a lot of doors close before one opens. Can’t ever let anything discourage you along the way of your dream.”

Chev certainly had many situations that could have forced him to step away from the game. Robinson ended up losing his rap mentor and big brother, Daze Dysh, who was a promising rapper himself. Chev tells us what it’s like trying to continue to pursue his rap career and overcoming life without his brother:

“It’s hard. People may think it’s easy but it’s like a constant mood changer for me. One minute I’m happy because I’m doing music in the studio anxious to release the new sounds I’m manifesting. Another minute I could just get super mellow, randomly thinking about how I wish my brother was still by my side with me writing and recording.”

The loss of his brother was the ultimate test for Robinson, he could’ve ended rapping, instead he made a remix of his brother’s hit, Wicked Thoughts, and brought the world a chilling and hard hitting representation of his life.

Robinson lyrically impresses and keeps his listeners’ attention with an intense and hard delivery. He brings his life to his music, and his amazing story turns into amazing music. It also helps to add confidence, which he shows while picking apart the biggest names in rap with his rendition of Kendrick Lamar’s “Control”.

Contrary to his songs “Gang Violence” and “Old Soul Anthem” Chev Robinson can also create some lighter music. His song “Real One” is a club banger and shows how versatile Robinson can be on the mic. Versatility is the key to the game, and Chev doesn’t shy away from creating new sound. He says  ” I think I subconsciously told myself..don’t be afraid to be different or sound different” when talking about shying away from the normal style of hip-hop.

It should be known that throughout the struggles he faced, Chev still remains hungry, focused, and compassionate. An awesome artist and an even better human, he really shows the world how to live life. Never let anything get in the way of your dreams and never forget those who helped shape you to become the person you are today.

So what’s next for Chev Robinson? “Original music, eye appealing music videos, and then, naturally, shows.”

With a brilliant mind, Chev Robinson is on the brink of music greatness. His mix of lyrical intelligence, work ethic, and talent will prove to be a dangerous concoction for the rest of the rap game one day, so be one of the first to hear this future star evolve.

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