Kanye West’s “SWISH” Album Coming Very Soon

So Kanye West is taking over.

After releasing the song “Real Friends” and a snippet to a track featuring Kendrick Lamar titled “No More Parties in L.A., rap’s megastar announced that his long awaited album SWISH will be released February 11th, 2016.

This will be Kanye’s first album since the controversial album titled Yeezus. From the sound of these previews, it’s looking like Kanye’s new project will go down as a classic. The song “Real Friends” brings a College Dropout that some Yeezy die-hards have been waiting for.

The release dates should get rap fans excited, as it’s just 5 days before the expected release date of a blockbuster collaborative album from J Cole and Kendrick Lamar. Yeezy must have something great on this album for him to place it right before Cole and Kendrick’s album, because we know Kanye doesn’t like losing any of the spotlight. We know it’s officially Yeezy season, and we should be thankful for it. It’s been missed.

Yeezy made many changes to this album, including the name and expected release date, but now that it’s set in (pretty much) stone, it’s going to be an exciting couple of weeks. In addition to announcing the release date and previewing some songs, Kanye also announced G.O.O.D. Fridays are back. Tune back in next Friday for Kanye’s next announcement.

Listen to “Real Friends” and No More Parties in LA here: 




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