Travis Scott Continues To Climb Up The Rap Game

Travis Scott went from beat maker to rap’s most promising figure in the matter of a year. After his second mixtape Days Before Rodeo blew up, it seemed like everyone was wanting more and more of his music. Then, when the debut album Rodeo dropped, it all came together. The album’s chart topping single “Antidote” gave Scott a ridiculous amount of mainstream exposure. The album debuted at number 3 on Billboard’s 200 and topped Billboard’s Top Rap Album.

Scary thing is, Travis Scott is no where near slowing down after his first album. Scott released a collab track with The Weeknd titled “Wonderful Life”, which has already been a huge hit, another track called “A-Team”, and a club banger featuring DJ Mustard titled “Whole Lotta Lovin” all within the last few weeks. Scott has also announced that his second album will be coming soon. A top rapper not waiting a year between albums is a fan’s dream, and Scott continues to please the fans of hip-hop.

Scott has given credit to Kanye West, T.I., and Kid Cudi for his style coming together, which is why his sound is all the more appealing. He took every corner of the rap game and brought them together to make his signature sound. It’s refreshing to see a rapper create a new and innovative style. Although his career is young, it’s quite clear that Travis Scott has earned strong consideration for a place atop of modern day rap’s Mt. Rushmore.

It’ll be fun to watch Travis Scott continue to evolve as an artist and find different ways to morph the rap game, much like his idol Kanye West has done this past decade.





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