Watch: Music Video That’ll Make You Question The Human Race

Youtube is a great thing, and it’s even better when it’s used by strange people. Female rapper and star of VH1’s “Love and Hip Hop: New York” Mariahlynn took it to the next level of strangeness. The music video titled “Once Upon a Time (not long ago, I was a HOE)” has hit over one million views and probably because of how absurd the whole basis of the video is. I’m not sure if this was made out of parody or not, but either way it did it’s job of getting Mariahlynn some attention.

Let me break this music video down for you (spoiler alert!): SO, it starts off with Mariahlynn at dinner with her friends and boyfriend. The boyfriend then starts to joke around and dance, the entire scene is actually unnecessarily long. The boyfriend then proposes to Mariahlynn, who was so happy, but instead of saying yes she drops the biggest plot twist in terrible music video history.  She says “I want to say yes, but..” then starts singing that she was a “hoe” once upon a time.

The video then flashes back to her hoe days, which includes having sex for money inside of a stranger’s car, twerking on a sleeping man then stealing his money, and giving some money to her female pimp.

After hearing this, her boyfriend faints and the music video ends.

Wow. Thrilling video on how someone can go from that to becoming a rapper that no one has heard of. I hope to god it was a parody, but either way watching this video was entertaining in a “wow my life isn’t so bad kind of way”.  The lyrics are simple, as you might of guess, with the hook basically saying “I was a hoe, and I’m admitting it”.

I can’t hate too much though, this hoe confession has gotten her a ton of Youtube views so good for her, I guess.

Checkout the video here:


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