Why “Kur” is The Full Package

Uptown Philadelphia rapper “Kur” has developed himself into the full package over the years. He went from strictly struggle and gangster rap to something much more versatile. Here are all of the dimensions to his music:


Struggle rap is classic Kur. He mentions many times throughout his music his living conditions growing up and situations he went through as a former drug dealer. Kur’s “Heaven or Hell” remix is the perfect example of this.


Gangster or shoot em up type songs are also vintage Kur. When Kur raps he always says his lyrics like he actually feels. He puts a lot of energy and aggressiveness in songs like these which is why the fans love them. When Kur makes a song like this he almost always goes full throttle. Songs like “33 Shots” and “9/11” are great examples.


If there is one thing about Kur you need to know, it’s that he pulls no punches and tells it like it is. He has songs like the three “Upside Down Cake” songs he made where he gives very detailed experiences he had with different females throughout his life. He gives detail and honesty to a level in the those three songs that I have heard few rappers reach. He also has songs with a combination of emotion and honesty like his song “When I Lost It” when he talks about the time he got a girl pregnant and wasn’t ready as a man to take care of it. He goes deep into the thoughts he had when he found out he got a girl pregnant.


In the past year Kur has expanded his horizons and has started making songs with more melody such as “Ima Star”, “My Boys”, and “Cut Off” where he has catchy sayings and melodies that are easy to vibe to and sing along to.

By adding this dimension to his game, he has become a rapper that almost anybody can listen to. He can switch up with many different styles so whatever you are looking for in a song, you most likely will find what you are looking for with at least one of Kur’s songs. By having some catchy songs, it puts him ahead of some other rappers who just spit straight bars when not everybody wants to hear straight bars all of the time. There is a time and a place for every style of rap/ hip-hop so having different styles attracts a larger fanbase.

Sometimes people just want to chill and have a nice tune to vibe to like Drake’s “Hotline Bling”. Drake can spit with the best of them but he does the occasional song like Hotline Bling to balance things out. If there were two words I’d use to describe Drake it would be versatile and balanced and I’d use the exact same words to describe Kur.









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