Is Drake Planning To Upstage Kanye’s “Swish” Album?

Drake has had a history of (coincidentally or not) releasing music on or near a day of other events in the music industry. For example he dropped the tape If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late right around the time Kanye West dropped new Yeezy Boost sneakers. Is he trying to outshine Ye again? Kanye announced that his new album Swish is dropping on February 11th, 2016, around the same time Kendrick Lamar and J Cole are supposedly releasing their collab album. Drake’s much anticipated Views From The 6  was speculated to be released or at least previewed on January 6th, but that hasn’t happened yet.

So, is Drake waiting to release it right around Kanye’s release date? Music fans should hope so. That would be three huge rap albums in one month. But maybe Drake is also trying to prove his musical muscle against the other big rap names. It would be interesting to see how people compare the three albums, especially with how excited each artist has made their fans about it. You have to wonder how Kanye feels about this. Drake seemingly going after him in a subtle way is big, but Kanye will probably just brush it off. I’m sure he feels his album will be superior to Drake’s anyway, but with Drake’s recent spike in popularity maybe enough to make Yeezus cringe their albums drop around the same time.

The two names have been circulated with an alleged joint album titled Wolves but there’s still not much proving that it has happened or in the works. For now, it’s a wait and see game on Kanye, Drake, and their albums, but it’ll be fun to see the debate revolving around who released the more popular album.

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