Should Coldplay Be Pissed After Beyonce Joins Them For #SuperBowl50?

Coldplay fans were excited when the band was announced as the headlining act for the 50th year anniversary of the NFL’s Super Bowl. As the show became more of an important part of the game and one of the biggest music stages of the year, being the headline act has become more of an honor. This would be huge for the ever so popular band, who just released their 7th studio album in December titled A Head Full Of Dreams. Not too long after Coldplay was announced, Beyonce was later announced as another headline act. Beyonce performed in Super Bowl XLVII (46) where she is accused from conspiracy theorists of causing the power outage of the second half.

So Coldplay can look at this at two ways. “Why is Benyonce stealing our spotlight”, or “performing with Beyonce could spread our fanbase even further”. Let’s go breakdown the first thinking first.

This is Coldplay’s first halftime show, but Beyonce coming in to steal the shine with her massive fanbase in what would be her second performance. This is a fair perspective, as multiple headlines is a wonderful “theory” it also is impossible to have a true multiple headliner. I expect the band and the pop star to create some mashup of at least one of the songs, then the two sets alternating with each song. This is nice in theory, but Beyonce will end up getting the most attention because well…she’s Beyonce. Yeah, Coldplay is an absolutely HUGE band, but competing with a mega star and sex icon in Beyonce, it will be tough to steal the show. So, maybe Coldplay should be pissed at this…but not really.

Thinking that performing with another huge star would benefit everyone is undoubtably correct. Plus Beyonce and Coldplay together would be fun. Remember when Kendrick hopped on in the middle of the Imagine Dragons hit song “Radioactive” at the Grammy’s?

Yeah, I’d like to hear something like that again. Who wouldn’t? Plus, Coldplay gets some exposure from Beyonce fans who otherwise wouldn’t tune in to the show, and vice-versa. So putting together two different genres into one show is a great idea, especially with performers of this magnitude. So who cares if Coldplay doesn’t get their solo act, pairing anything with Beyonce is the best idea ever. Plus!!!!! The collab happened already with the song “Hymn for the Weekend”. So Coldplay fans, get ready for a great show and get ready to hear some Bey too. Can’t wait for the Super Bowl now!

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