French DJ Has The Best Soundcloud Page You Haven’t Listened To Yet

Soundcloud is a great tool when utilized correctly. It’s a great way to get your creations out there while also providing an enjoyable page for listeners and other Soundcloud users. A lot of times Soundcloud is used obnoxiously with fake posts where artists use the name and cover art for hit songs, but really put there own songs on there. Hint: NO ONE ENJOYS THAT AND IT WON’T GET YOU SIGNED. Doing Soundcloud correctly is important. Make good music with professional looking cover art and tag your song efficiently. Tagging doesn’t mean over-tagging. Don’t tag random stuff that has nothing to do with your music and don’t tag too much. If it’s good, someone will take notice.

A French DJ called 20syl has done Soundcloud right. Exceptionally well, actually. I came across his Soundcloud page after his most recent track “Inertia” came up on my stream. I continued to listen to his page for a couple hours and realized, “wow this is amazing”. He doesn’t do EDM for the most part, his style is something of an “electro soul” type music. He also provides rap beats and claims he’s been making “rhymes and beats since 1995”. The DJ is a part of two French music groups. The first one, C2C, is a collection of 4 french DJs and the other one called Hocus Pocus does Hip-Hop and Funk.

20syl has over 172,000 followers and it’s easy to see why, his whole track list is a perfect “chill” playlist. Also his free instrumentals probably bringing in alternative rappers. 20syl also posts quite often for an official account. He posts usually at least one time (sometimes two times) a month and the songs seem to keep getting better from the 36 year old. Make sure to checkout his Soundcloud page here:

Also follow him on Twitter at @mr20syl


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