Meek Mill “4/4” EP Review

North Philly rapper Meek Mill has been relatively quiet ever since his beef with Drake went down and although Meek Mill hasn’t dropped a full DreamChasers 4 mixtape yet, we did get an EP consisting of four tracks. He gave you the music and I’ll give you the review. Bars. I’ll start with track one:

Pray For Em

In my opinion this song hits the hardest on the project. As soon as the beat comes on you can tell this song was going to be something special. Meek’s classic intensity and flow combined with the killer beat takes the song to another level. This song isn’t too lyrical but every song doesn’t have to be. This is one of those blast in the car and get you hype songs. He directs this song mostly to the people who hate on him, want him locked up, and doubted him etc. Rate: 10/10

I’m Da Plug (Freestyle)

In this song Meek uses Drake and Future’s beat from their song “I’m The Plug” from their collaboration mixtape “What A Time To Be Alive”. Meek uses this song to address the beef of last summer with Drake and although it is still unclear, it is said that Meek also dissed Safari, aka Nicki Minaj’s ex-boyfriend in this song. Some also think Meek was talking about Rick Ross’s ex-fiancè but that is unlikely considering how good of friends Ross and Meek are. They are both MMG.

Meek responds to Drake’s line, “Is that a world tour or your girl’s tour?” by saying, “Was that my girl tour or the world tour? I do not know what you p*ssy n*ggas going for, this that 100k a night when you perform tour, swimming in that good p*ssy while on tour”. I did not care for this song much because it just shows how much Drake’s song hurt him. The beat was okay and the song wasn’t even two minutes.

After hearing Meek’s first song on the project and many more like it from other mixtapes, it is clear that Meek can go so much harder than this. If he was going to diss Drake half a year later like he did in this song, he should’ve and could’ve came much harder and made the song longer.

However I did like the concept of Meek using what people tried to diss him over and tried to use it as a strength. Overall it is an okay song but it isn’t memorable and it does not do much for me. Rate: 6.5/10

Gave Em Hope 

“Gave Em Hope” is just as good as “Pray For Em” to me but in different ways. While “Pray For Em” is great because of the beat and energy in Meek’s voice, this song “Gave Em Hope” is great because of the lyrics and perfectly constructed diss towards 50 Cent. Meek uses his whole second verse to diss 50 Cent and I thought it was perfect.

The way Meek used punchlines and wordplay was great in this song. In one line Meek said, “Sh*t that you’re popping aint making sense, I got 50 reasons say you’re taking d*ck, and it’s 50 reasons I should kill n*gga.” When Meek says “ain’t making sense” he is saying that 50 Cent doesn’t make any sense logically and he doesn’t make any cents as far as money. The homophone of cents and sense will go unnoticed for the average listener, but for hardcore rap/lyrical fans, that is a great line.

It is well known that 50 Cent has been having money issues the past two years. It is also nice how he put the word cents/sense so close to 50 in the part where he says, “I got 50 reasons…”. Not to mention “50” and “Cent” are the two parts of 50 Cent’s stage name.

It is also clear Meek is talking to 50 Cent when he says, “Got the richest chick, she’s from your hood” because for one, Meek is dating Nicki Minaj who is one of the richest female artists ever who is from Queens, New York and 50 Cent is also from Queens, New York. Rate: 10/10

FBH/F*ck Being Humble

This song is vintage Meek Mill. It is reminiscent of his old mixtape songs from the “Flamers” mixtape series. The main reason for this is because his long time friend and producer Jahlil Beats made the beat. Meek mostly talks about his struggle coming up and how with all of his hard work and pain, he could care less about being humble now that he has made it big time. This isn’t a world beater but it is a good song. Classic. Rate: 8/10


Overall this EP shouldn’t be judged too harshly because this is hopefully just the appetizer to DreamChasers 4. We as fans didn’t wait half a year for four songs so Meek most definitely has more up his sleeve. Meek Mill’s instagram has snippets of many more songs that should be on that mixtape. I give his “4/4” EP an overall rating of 8.6/10.

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