Tyga Dropped A Mixtape: You Guess How It Went

Tyga seemingly went from rapper to tabloid celebrity this past year. It started with dating a then-underage Kylie Jenner, allegedly hitting up a transgender, then texting a 14-year old girl on which he claims was for music purposes. Tyga was in the headlines for all the wrong reasons, none of it being music related. Well, Tyga shook off his tough year and dropped a mixtape. Unfortunately for him, that won’t gain his credibility back with rap fans.

The new Tyga mixtape titled Rawwest Nigga Alive did nothing but dissapoint. Simplistic lyrics combined with similar beats throughout the whole mixtape pretty much unlistenable. This is going to get a DimiHub Score of 2/10. The reason why it wasn’t given a zero was merely for the fact he put out 16 songs for this tape. We will try to give you guys the best songs and why you should/shouldn’t download.

Best Songs

Rumorz ft. Chris Brown

I $mile, I Cry

“Rumorz” is really just carried by the beat and the hook delivered by Chris Brown. Tyga’s sound does tend to go well with Chris Brown so this song gets a slight nod.

“I $mile, I Cry” is the only listenable song on this album. It’s enjoyable how Tyga goes in and out as the hook does. The lyrics have a little more meaning here than other songs.

So downloading Rawwest Nigga Alive should be a HARD no. The entire project is flawed which is why ‘Rawwest’ should be switched to ‘Flawwest’. Tyga hasn’t put out anything respectable since Careless World and this mixtape doesn’t change that at all. What Tyga is holding back from his fans are songs like “Far Away” here he raps about losing a loved one right after an argument. Fans don’t want to hear about how badass your car is or how gangster you think you are. You’re Tyga, not a gangster. Go back to making meaningful music.

Still thinking about downloading? Get the whole mixtape for free here: http://baseshare.com/DJFaze/mixtapes/Tyga-Rawwest-Nigga-Alive/874/




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