Ridin’ Shotgun: Tribute To David Bowie

Last week in my “Ridin’ Shotgun” piece, I wrote briefly about the playlist I was using in the car, but mostly talked about the equipment and devices I use to listen to music in my car. This week, I present to you my first “Ridin’ shotgun” full playlist. This week was full of snowy upstate New York driving. I found this playlist to be a wonderful collection of music to listen to while my windshield defrosted and the snow slowly fell off my car as I drove.

I kept in “Hymnals” which is by Grizfolk, who I mentioned in my playlist last week.

Admittedly, this was not the perfect playlist by any means. It was a bit too short, as I found myself hearing a ton of the same songs–and being a bit sick of them–by Friday and Saturday. Despite that, there’s some good songs on here that could be great if they’re integrated into a larger playlist.

The only full-length album I had in the playlist was David Bowie’s latest release, Blackstar. I didn’t plan on having that in there, but after he passed away, it seemed appropriate to me to put it in as a tribute to the passed music icon.

I had DNCE’s short album in the playlist as well, and I must admit, it is groovy. The lyrics are nothing too in-depth, and it certainly is pop music completely, but I think it’s much better than what you typically hear on the radio. I first heard DNCE on New Year’s Eve, when I found out Joe Jonas (yes, the Jonas brother) was the lead singer of the new band.

Kehlani’s “You Should Be Here” single was one of my favorite songs on the playlist, and a lot of her music is incredible to listen to if you’re riding on a highway. I really feel like a lot of people in the hip-hop world are sleeping on her, although she does seem to be breaking ground in the pop world.

I had quite a few hip-hop singles on this playlist, more than I planned on featuring at first, anyway. Skizzy Mars’s “Do You There,” Rae Sremmurd’s “Throw Sum Mo,” and Rihanna’s “FourFiveSeconds” were all regularly playing. I also had has London rapper KSI’s latest EP “Keep Up”.

Keep Up by KSI was a great listen-through the first time I heard it, but instead of it growing on me, the more I listened to it, the more I found what I disliked about it. It was a decent piece of work for just an EP though.

I definitely learned my lesson when making myself listen to just one playlist in the car for a whole week: Make it bigger, because having the same songs play over and over for seven days gets a bit old. I intend to have a longer playlist next week so that I’m not getting sick of all the same music.

If you want to take a look at my full playlist this week, you can find it here.


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