Artist Spotlight: Josiah Brooks and Mirrored Intentions Seeks To Help Hurting

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If one listened to Mirrored Intentions’ past work, including their CD Sacrifice, they would expect there to be a whole band behind the production of the music. That’s not the case, as Josiah Brooks is the main man, from guitar tracking, to vocals, and to lyric writing. But with a band that’s been with him since late 2014, he has been able to push his vision and mission further. He dedicates all his work towards God, and his Christian roots are instilled in his music. But Brooks isn’t afraid of hurting anyone’s feelings, or making people think that the Christian life is glamorous.


Brooks has been gifted with a musical talent, but finding that talent didn’t happen overnight. He first started getting into guitar when he was 16. “Hanging out with friends and playing Guitar Hero,” was the first thing that led him to get interested in the instrument. Josiah dreamed about actually being able to play the instrument instead of playing it virtually with just a few colored buttons and colors flying past him on the screen.

It’s been a long journey in just a short period of time for the music. Josiah started off without even having his own guitar, learning some classic rock songs on a borrowed guitar. Once he finally got his own guitar, he got more involved with the metal scene, where Mirrored Intentions finds its roots.

Everything you hear from Mirrored Intentions is Josiah’s creation. He’s literally a one man band as far as the production goes. While that may be common for someone like Ed Sheeran who can utilize a loop pedal, it’s a bit unprecedented in the metal scene. But Brooks looks at that unprecedented type or creation in the metal scene and enjoys it.

Brooks has teamed up with other musicians to make his dream a reality. He’s had his current band around him since November of 2014. His band members, “help my vision come alive.” As Brooks aims to play more tours and live shows, the band certainly becomes a more necessary component of his journey.

“God has placed a lot of really gifted musicians in my life that are driven to see this mission succeed, and they believe in it, and they’ve given themselves to it.”

“Deathbed” released October 16th, 2015

Josiah has a lot of people, especially from his hometown in Elmira, New York, backing his music and his mission. Although he has a long way to go as far as being at full capacity with support, he feels any support he has now is a direct result about being vocal about the dreams he has had for his music.

“A lot of people are afraid to talk about their dreams because they’re embarrassed or because they think they’re not going to make it, or they’re not good enough. I’ve felt that as long as it’s a dream it’s not something you should give up on, and I feel like you should tell everyone about it because they’re just going to see you progress and that’s how you gain supporters.”

And those dreams are plentiful. Brooks has dreams that relate largely to his music, but he hasn’t forgotten about his personal life.

“I’m trying to be in the top 10 in my genre,” Brooks said, “to get to a place where I can provide for me and my family financially.”

And although Brooks has a lot of people behind him, his greatest believer may be himself.

“I really don’t think there’s anything holding me back,” Josiah said.

Josiah currently has a GoFundMe up for the fees and money it will take him to travel to Virginia to record his next album. He’s gotten a lot of support already on it, and although that’s been surreal for him, it does add some pressure.

“It pushes me to another standard because I feel like I’m not going to let these people down when they invest in me… I’ve got to live up to the expectation.”

He referred to his music as a “responsibility” to the people investing in it. He’s got room for more support though, as the goal of $2,000 is not yet halfway completed.

Brooks had a huge change in both his spiritual life and his and his musical life. Thinking back to a previous chapter in his musical career, he said, “when I did music before, I’d just be goofin’ around, and no one really cared. And I didn’t really care as much as I should’ve.”

But three years ago, Josiah re-dedicated his life to Christ, and ever since, his music has been a bit better, with a bit more drive, and certainly with more of a purpose. That purpose has been to reach out to people that are hurting, and to spread the word about a lifestyle that’s changed him for the better. He’s not necessarily writing his music for people that are already Christians.

“People that are well don’t need a doctor, sick people need a doctor… I’m going after the broken, I’m going after the hurting.”

“Artax” released February 27th, 2015

Regarding his upcoming music, he said that it, “Really came from where I felt a separation almost, in my relationship with God.” Brooks wrote a large chunk of it while he was away from family and going through a tough time in his life. A lot of the lyrics are, “inspired through desperation, separation, and even doubt,” according to Josiah.

Brooks thinks he relates to listeners more with those types of lyrics.

“[As Christians] we try and put on a happy face for the world, and it’s just fake and superficial… You can relate to people a lot more if you’re realistic with them. That’s where I’ve been able to minister the most.”

Brooks knows, as a Christian, he has not been exempt from tough times. “Bad things happen… That doesn’t mean I’m going to renounce my faith and doubt a God that is infinitely more wise than I am.”

The music has undoubtedly helped Josiah get through a lot of tough times and he hopes it can do the same for other people that may be listening to his work.

Possibly his best goal for the upcoming year regarding his music is his outreach. “If I could lead 100 people to God by next year, that would be crazy.”

If you would like to contribute to Josiah and Mirrored Intentions GoFundMe to produce his next album Hell in Hand, click here. A donation of $10 assures you get an electronic copy.


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