Is SoundCloud The Best Way To Promote Your Music?

There’s millions of young adults who want do be artists in the music industry. From DJs to rappers and singers, there are tons of people trying to get noticed and become the next surprise star. That means there is a ton of competition that wants to beat you out, so of course you have to differentiate yourself from the competition. Everyone does the typical YouTube videos and SoundCloud tracks, but not everyone does them right.

YouTube videos are meant to show your creativity as an artist. Develop a team that could make your creativity come to life through video. Don’t have the resources to do so? That’s alright too. Showcase your talents. Sit down in front of a camera in your room put a beat on or play your guitar, and just do what you do best. YouTube may be a dying outlet to some, but it’s still important to put your stuff out there to give yourself an even bigger chance of getting lucky and going viral.

SoundCloud has recently served as an aspiring artist’s mainstay for promoting music. Which is fine, but there hasn’t been anyone who has become a huge artist solely off of putting music on SoundCloud. But there are a few tricks to getting your SoundCloud page noticed. First thing is to make sure you have great sounding music on hand. Posting consistently is key. Once or twice a week is the tops you should post. Anything more than that will just clutter your page. Another key is tagging your music. While uploading tracks, SoundCloud allows you to place tags on your songs to help them come up in the website’s search. Only tag the name of your track, your artist name, and maybe the genre. This is why remixing or doing covers of popular songs are so beneficial. It allows you to tag the name of the actual song. DO NOT OVER TAG. Mis-tagging or over-tagging leads to search engine inefficiency.

No matter how much emphasis you put on your SoundCloud or YouTube pages, the most important thing is not to trick your listeners. If someone wants to listen to “Homecoming” by Kanye West, don’t misrepresent your track as that. It won’t help your career.

So is SoundCloud the best way to promote your music? To fans, yes. To make it big time, no. There is no perfect science to breaking through the music industry, if there was, everyone would be famous musicians. Good steps to take is not to target fans, but to target local radio hosts, club DJs, or event coordinators. Networking with local figures is important, and even if they say no, you threw your name out there. Another good way to expand your chances at getting noticed are to go to open mic nights, or land as an opening act for a show. Being told no, is a part of the game, so don’t get discouraged.

The biggest thing is to never lose sight of what you want to accomplish. People will call your dream dumb or impossible, but that should never hold you back. It’s your dream, you decide how to shape it.


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