#TBT Throwback Thursday: Frank Ocean, The Eagles, Van Halen, and A Tribe Called Quest

It’s Thursday, but that doesn’t mean you can’ t treat it like the weekend. Let DimiHub kick start your thursday with some throwback tunes. Share your favorite throwbacks with us on TWITTER and FACEBOOK.

The long week is nearing an end, so let’s set you up for a thirsty Thursday. Last week, we gave you some David Bowie, Big L, Naughty By Nature, and The Beatles. This week we relax you then pump you up.

We, like everyone in the music world, miss Frank Ocean terribly. He has gone into musical hibernation after his hit album Channel Orange, and there are rumors some music from him is coming soon. In the meantime, we’ll give you some classic Ocean from 2011. First track is “Novacane”.

Our second song is dedicated to the legendary band “The Eagles”, who just lost Glenn Frey this past week. The Eagles were one of the most iconic bands of their era, and Frey’s passing is hitting everyone just as hard as David Bowie’s. Frey was behind the song “Take It Easy” and it’s the perfect song to throw it back to.

There’s a huge snowstorm hitting the east coast, so the next song is letting people escape to somewhere tropical, specifically Panama. Van Halen will pump your Thursday up and have you playing air guitar around your studio apartment. Please make sure you air guitar responsibly.

The song to wrap up your Thursday comes from the most under appreciated, yet most trendsetting hip-hop group of all time. A Tribe Called Quest takes you on a sexual journey through drums with the song “Can I Kick It”.  Which is an awesome title because it sounds like you’re either asking to kick someone’s cat, or you’re asking to hang out. If this song isn’t the way you ask out your next girlfriend/boyfriend than you’re doing it wrong. Oh and don’t blame us for denial, we are a music blog, not a dating one. *Kick it at your own risk.

So there’s this week’s throwbacks for DimiHub’s throwback thursday! Let us know what you think.


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