10 Reasons You Should Be A Fan Of P Reign

If you follow the world of rap and hip-hop closely, you probably already know who P Reign is. If you don’t, this might be the first time you’ve heard of him. I myself am a massive fan of P Reign, and basically decided to start off my DimiHub career by trying to convince more people to join me in his corner.

To that end, I’ve come up with 10 reasons you should be a P Reign fan. Some of them are deep musical reasons, with lots of thought behind them. Some of them are pretty dumb. But all 10 of them are parts of the reason that I really enjoy this Canadian MC’s music.

Before we get on with the list, I’ll leave P Reign’s newest video here for you. You might want to listen to it before reading the list, just to get a feel for how his music is. There will be more links later, but this will probably be the most referenced one.

Now that you’ve got a basic idea of P Reign, let’s get to the specifics on my list.

Reason 1: He’s got a fantastic rapping voice.

As soon as the first verse of “On A Wave” starts, you can tell P Reign’s rap voice is great. It’s deep and loud but also smooth at the same time, three things which rarely combine. But when they do combine, the results are spectacular.

You can also hear that Canadian accent in there too. We’ll get to his relationship with the 6 God later, but it’s safe to say the two speak somewhat similarly, even if their voices are completely different. The accent, voice and charisma that P Reign possess make listening to his music easy–you want to hear him tell a story, or a joke, or an analogy.

Reason 2: He’s got a month-old mixtape out now, and his debut album is in the works.

Everybody likes discovering an artist first. That’s just a universal fact. Being able to show your squad a song and then hearing it on the radio five months later means you’re a shot caller. Everybody wants to be a shot caller.

Now you can! P Reign will blow up soon. That’s another fact. He’s kind of sort of blown up already, but not really. People know about “DnF”, but more for Drake and Future’s involvement than P Reign’s. Hip Hop Heads are aware he exists, but not many other people are.



Soon everybody’s going to know who P Reign is. His album has all the correct ingredients to blow up, especially if he can nail a single or two. So if you’re a P Reign fan now and bump his mixtape months before that first single drops, you get credit for being the first to find him in your circle. You’re welcome.

Reason 3: He’s got a lot of rapper friends.


Here’s a list of rappers P Reign has had featured on his tracks: Drake, Future, Meek Mill, PartyNextDoor, A$AP Rocky, Travis Scott, Young Thug, T.I., and French Montana. Not too bad of a list for somebody who doesn’t yet have a true album out.

That list is part of why I’m so confident in P Reign’s album blowing up. You can bet you’ll see one of those names–or a few of them, or somebody else entirely–on the singles from the album, whenever they’re released. Having Drake on a record right now guarantees it will be a hit. He’s on another level right now.

Even though he’s got a song with the 6 God out right now, P Reign still only has some 40 thousand twitter followers. That number is going to grow in the coming months, as people start to wise up to how great this dude really is at rapping.

Reason 4: He’s low-key hilarious.

If P Reign had debuted about twenty years earlier, he might’ve been recruited to The Diplomats. He often reminds me of Cam’ron. Not because the two sound especially similar (they don’t), but because they’re both prone to drop a hilarious bar in the middle of a hard verse.

Here’s an example, from “STFU”:

The hoes never want you until you blow up

Now the same chicks that would diss down to come over

Well how nice of you to show up

Throw some fertilizer at the b*tch and tell her “grow up”

That’s a serious verse with almost salty themes, and then all of a sudden P Reign is throwing fertilizer at women. That kind of unexpected humor happens all the time on both of his mixtapes, and I love it every time.

Reason 5: He’s got guts.

In case you hadn’t yet noticed, P Reign is phonetically the same as Pee Rain. You’ve got to be very comfortable with yourself and confident in yourself to instruct thousands of people to call you Pee Rain every day. That’s gutsy. I love it.

Reason 6: He drove a fucking Batmobile.

Seriously, did you watch the entire “On A Wave” video? He drove a Batmobile! That’s amazing! How can you not love somebody that drives Batmobiles loaded with beautiful women? That’s the American Canadian Dream!

Reason 7: He has a legitimately interesting Twitter feed.

Wondering what Netflix shows and movies you should watch? P Reign has a list for you:

How about some good motivational advice? You guessed it, look no further than @preign:

Forget Genius, P Reign will explain his lyrics himself:

Reason 8: “Realest In The City” might be the best driving through the city song ever.

Before we go any further, listen to “Realest In The City”. I’ll even link it for the lazy.

That song is a must-play for me if I’m riding through the city. My city is Milwaukee. Your city could be Toronto, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Little Rock, or Anchorage. It doesn’t matter. The song is great everywhere.

I can’t technically confirm that statement yet as I haven’t been everywhere, but if somebody wants to sponsor a world tour for me to go places and ride around listening to “Realest In The City”, I’m down.

Reason 9: When he gets serious on a track it feels sincere and genuine.

Most rappers have a lot of trouble being multifaceted. Drake is one of the exceptions–he can make an album where one song is super hard, and the next track is a legitimately good love song. P Reign isn’t on the Drake level of love songs, but his sincerity is striking.

Tucked in between fertilizer jokes and threats to opposing squads is a track called “Special”. It’s got a blunt sexual aspect to it, but it’s also kind of sweet. And it’s definitely sincere. Some rappers just feel off when they switch up to a slower song like this, like they’re not really believing what they’re saying.

P Reign is not one of those rappers. He may not be able to go full Drake (I doubt P Reign ever makes a song like “Hold On, We’re Going Home”), but having the ability to switch focus from the streets to the sheets makes his projects more complete.

Reason 10: His music instills motivation.

This is probably pretty obvious, but I listened to P Reign for pretty much the entire duration of writing this post. I took a small break to listen to “Hold On, We’re Going Home” after mentioning it earlier, but otherwise it was all P Reign.

His music got me to write this thing in record time. Much like Kevin Gates, when I listen to P Reign it makes me want to go get work done. For me, that’s writing an article. For other people, it could be hitting the gym, making a song, doing homework, working on your house, whatever. You’ll want to do what you’ve got to do if you’ve got P Reign on.

So basically, P Reign is inspiring. And who doesn’t love inspiration?


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