Artist Spotlight: Meet Coop Poppy, Philly’s First Real Trap Rapper

Of course there are other artists from Philly who all rap of things like drugs, street life and daily life in the trap but usually with the “Philly spitter” style. Uptown’s own Coop Poppy is pioneering the southern trap sound inside Philadelphia but with his own twist.

Influenced by down south rappers like Gucci Mane and Young Scooter, Coop attacks what would be considered a hard choice of beats for most Philly rappers which usually feature high bass volumes, loud kicks and high hats but with sometimes less speedy loops with catchy hooks and witty lines. Even though he would be considered by most a rookie, he’s already influencing other artists’ styles and flows. The trap rapper got his start in music in the late months of 2013 when he released his neighborhood anthem “Late Night on Vernon Road” (that’s a scary night). Not long after he followed up with other solo hits such as Fuck the Fame and “Pussey, Money, Drugs”.

It wasn’t long before his music got the attention of his longtime friend and upcoming Philly rapper Kur, and the two started combining on tracks giving out bangers. One of them being “Monster” which is arguably Coop’s biggest verse to date. With his fan base building and his sound gaining momentum throughout the tristate, Coop is soon to drop his highly anticipated debut mixtape Granny House which is expected to drop anytime between February and early April. Below is the first single released from his upcoming mixtape Granny House, “Paper”.

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