Artist Spotlight: Rakim Sirrah, A Soothing Beat Maker

Get In touch with producer/artist Rakim Sirrah via his twitter (@YoungLILICE). Want to be our next Artist Spotlight? Email us at
Here at DimiHub, we usually interview our Artist Spotlights and we receive a lot of e-mails ( with artists wanting to be interviewed. In this e-mail, we recieved a nice description on why he creates from an artist/producer named Rakim Sirrah. Rakim shared his story so well that we wanted to share the story he shared with us. Check out his SoundCloud and e-mail below!
Email reads:
Rakim Sirrah is a 22 year old artist/producer from the small area of Vacherie,La. Sirrah has been producing since the age of 12 & has recently began to show that he has skills on the mic as well. This specific project Open Til Midnight is his first effort at releasing a project. It serves as a prelude into whats next to come for him as not only an artist but as an overall human being who’s striving to be better. Sirrah views music as a vehicle that helps listeners travel through life when things might not seem to be going to well. Hence the dark/gloomy soundscapes & emotions that can be heard throughout this project, which a lot of people can relate to but have a hard time accurately expressing.
He creates for that very reason. He aims to connect with people who feel detached. The last few tracks on the project are songs with lyrics & vocals mostly because Sirrah feels like just creating instrumentals is not enough for him to accurately express himself & connect with the people. He labels his raps in its own sub genre which he calls “Get By Raps” because it’s made for everyday people who’s still in the struggle. In the future you can expect Sirrah to be producing for many artists throughout the nation, you can expect more singles from him throughout the time as he prepares to puts together his actual debut titled Nocturnal Sunshine 067 . Just expect quality music & know that this is only the beginning for him.

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