Artist Spotlight: Zack Clyburn Talks About His Greatest Influences

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Zack Clyburn is bringing a movement. A good vibe movement. Born Zaccheus Clyburn, the young rapper from Lancaster, South Carolina brings a refreshing sound to the hip-hop game. To say Clyburn’s sound is distinct is an understatement. Clyburn mixes feel good beats, his life experiences, and a delivery so addicting that it’ll keep you listening for hours. A sterling example of this mix is his track titled “ColorVibes”. Listen to it here:

So where did all this start? Clyburn explains:

I’ve been making music since I was about 12, I used to rap on my mother’s answering machine and make YouTube videos rapping when I was like 15. My passion started from seeing artists like Bow Wow rapping but I started out just wanting to rap, and as I got older I got more into telling stories about my life.

From answering machines to YouTube to becoming rap’s hidden gem, Clyburn has always centered his craft around family. His lyrics often feature past experiences with family and friends. “My family and friends have had a great impact on my music” says Clyburn. Having a strong support system is one of the biggest keys for a young aspiring artist, and Zack Clyburn has a terrific one.

My mother and grandmother support my music heavily, and I’m a big family person so I rap about my life with them. I’m not an artist that raps about just anything, so it really has to mean something for me to rap about it and my family is very important to me.

Mom and Grams, you two made a great decision supporting Zack’s music, because he’s on the way to big things. Zack goes on to talk about his mom being one of his biggest influences throughout his young career:

My mother has most definitely been the person who pushes me the most. She’s always supported me and promoted me to her friends and others. She is always asking if I’m making new songs, and trying to help me become a better artist.

Along with his mother, Clyburn gives credit to his favorite musician, Wiz Khalifa, for helping him become a better artist.

Listening to his music, watching his videos, and watching his interviews helped me to learn to be myself and not care about what others are gonna say about the things you want to do that make you happy.

Well, we know where Clyburn got his feel good vibes from. Continuing to build his fanbase will be his main focus at this time. As long as he keeps giving us quality tracks,  the fanbase will grow in no time.

With a voice you could pick out from a crowd of thousands, it’s easy to see his following expand as his career develops. Shows and a record deal are everyone’s dreams, but Zack has a different focus for now.

I see myself to continue to make good music that I like. I don’t really make “radio” type music so I’m not expecting to blow up like Drake or anyone like that. I plan to make music for the people that get me and understand my music, not everyone will like it and I’m ok with that. I definitely see my career growing and I plan to work with a lot of my favorite artists.

With all this talk of expanding his reach to fans, he understands there’s room for improvement.

I must continue to be myself, not give in to the hype and start doing things out my my character to get bigger. A lot of artists fall off quickly because they lose their creativeness trying to be someone they aren’t. I also want to meet other artists and gain as much knowledge from them as possible, you can never learn too much.

Zack Clyburn is a talented young man enjoying life, and his future success will just make it even easier to smile. Hard work is Clyburn’s way towards success and he plans on not taking anything for granted. “I’m just going to take whatever opportunity is given to me and make the best of it. I look at every chance as something great so I plan to give my all no matter how it is” says Clyburn, who is looking for his chance to debut his music on stage.

What’s next for the SC rapper? “I plan to come at the game creative and smart. My visions and music will catch the eyes of a lot of people so don’t expect the normal.”

DimiHub will be ready for it, will you?

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  1. Veronica says:

    Great music, and reading this article made me like him and his music even more. Cant wait to hear more and see what his videos will look like.


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