Why Cross-Genre Collaborations Can Help You

As a up and coming artist or band, networking with others in the industry starts to become more and more important as your career grows. Whether it’s producers, DJs, agents, radio stations, management teams, bloggers, or other artists, getting your name out to more people can only help you. Collaborations with other artists are great ways to cross promote, but also to create quality music. As an artist, you probably have found your style, and most likely your first collaborations will be with artists that fit your style. Well maybe it’s time you think differently. Any artist could collaborate with a similar artist, but something special happens when two genres meet.

Collaborating with artists of different genres has been increasing in recent years. Rap and hip-hop have been mixed with EDM, Rock and Pop have been naturally combined, and even Country and Rap have made some appearances. So what’s the benefit to coming out of your comfort zone?

Easy. More exposure to people who would otherwise not listen to you. To make it work, however, everyone involved in the collaboration must be willing to do things in music that they’ve never done before. Whether it’s a rapper making a melody over an EDM beat or a country singer making a hook on a rap song, artists must do things differently that doesn’t follow their “style”.

It’s also a great chance to land a hit track under your belt. Making a song that reaches two different fanbases gives you a better chance of your song blowing up. It also shows to potential agents and managers that you are versatile enough to be success through multiple genres, which is becoming more important as the competition in the music industry increases. Putting your own flare on different genres is an interesting way to show your versatility.

Here are some examples of some good cross genres:








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