Drake And Meek Mill Go Back To Firing Shots

Drake and Meek Mill had the most famous rap beef of recent years. Meek Mill called out Drake on Twitter, Drake made “Charged Up” and the dagger “Back to Back”, while Meek dropped a diss track that eventually got deleted because…it was terrible. After becoming the ultimate internet meme, Meek Mill is looking to regain his reputation in the rap game, and quite honestly, he’s doing it.

Meek dropped the EP 4/4, which included a diss track titled “I’m Da Plug”. The track goes at Drake’s “Back to Back” lyrics and also reminds everyone that Meek isn’t really losing, because he’s with Drake’s dream girl and megastar Nicki Minaj. Meek Mill slowly started to gain back fans and some momentum. So, this brings us to present day.

Drake dropped the track “Smr 16” last night, which reminds Meek Mill that he sits atop the rap game. In typical Drake fashion, he made it only available on iTunes to buy. The song is alright, but nowhere near the fire “Back to Back” brought us. Drake sings about Meek trying to get revenge and all but the track fell flat at the end, in all honesty.

What makes this beef even more intense is that Meek Mill responded the same night while dropping an EP titled 4/4 Part 2, which includes a Drake diss track titled “War Pain”. Meek Mill seems to be responding to Drake’s lyrics in “Smr 16”, which would be incredibly insane if it were true. Meek Mill takes it to his Philly roots, and tears apart Drake, once again emphasizing that HE’S the one with Nicki, not Drake. “War Pain” is the perfect way for Meek to show that he’s not just some scrub that’ll be pushed over.

In typical Meek fashion, the entire EP is available for download, including the diss track. Check out here:


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