A Man’s Perspective On Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber. Music’s wild child. A God to millions of teenagers/millennials. A piece of shit to most men. I’m here to give you what guys think of the pop-star Justin Bieber.

First off, every male hated this kid when he first hit the scene. He made girls only want guys with tight jeans and some mop-hair. His high-pitched voice took men’s ears to horrible places, with lyrics so cliché that it reminded us of unicorns puking rainbows and frolicking in sparkly grassy fields. He came on with songs like “Baby” and “Never Let You Go”, so it’s obvious why girls loved him, and why teenage boys (like me at the time) despised him.

2010 Biebs was hated by 120% of men. (Facts made up by me).
2010 Biebs was hated by 120% of men. (Facts made up by me).

So early on, I hated the Biebs. He was annoying, girls loved him, and his music sucked. Fast forward 5 years. Bieber has gotten into legal trouble, changed his hair to something weird, and chills with the biggest artists in the game. So how do men feel about Biebs now.

Fake hate. Men fake hate Bieber now. Fake hate is pretending to hate a certain object or person, while being jealous and enjoying that object or person at the same time. Listen Bieber might’ve been that annoying little kid who got all the girls, but now he’s a douchey man who gets all the girls and actually makes listenable music. He he currently has three hits in the top 10 of Billboard’s Top 100. Sorry (#1), Love Yourself (#2), and What Do You Mean? (#10) are three singles that dudes will claim they hate, but secretly turn the speakers up in their cars when they’re alone.

The hair hasn't gotten better, but the music has. We still fake hate him.
The hair hasn’t gotten better, but the music has. We still fake hate him.

Men don’t hate Bieber, they envy the guy. He’s rich, famous, gets the ladies, and can literally do whatever he wants and not everyone in the world will hate him.

But, ladies, this doesn’t mean we will go out and shout to the world we like Bieber. It’s not a “homophobic” or “shame” thing, it’s a “we are too prideful to admit the guy we fake hate is actually good” thing.

Let us have the fake hate ladies. Let us.


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