Future’s New Album “EVOL” Set To Bless The Trap Once Again


Was Future the hottest rapper of 2015? The most Improved? Shifting the culture? With Future at the top of his career and his fan base going through the roof since his barrage of mixtapes and albums from late 2014 through what has been of 2016 including a recently dropped Purple Reign, he is set to release his third studio album in 6 months; EVOL via Apple Music.

Whether you think Future is dropping too much, one thing is for certain; Future is expected to deliver as usual. On Wednesday, the prolific rapper spent the day promoting his album on Titter with tweets such as; “Sh!t bout to get real in a few hours” and getting into what seemed to be a “sneak dissing” Twitter war with Young Thug who was also promoting his new project. Future also unveiled the album artwork along with the track list for EVOL (below) along with another street banger from the album “Fly Shit Only”. The album has just one feature from The Weekend on “Low Life”.


EVOL Track List

1.”Ain’t No Time”
2.”In Her Mouth”
3. “Maybach”
4. “Xanny Family”
5. “Lil Haiti Baby”
6.”Photo Copied”
7. “Seven Rings”
8. “Lie to Me”
10. “Low Life” featuring The Weeknd
11. “Fly Shit Only”

You can listen to “Fly Shit Only” on Soundcloud, as well as the previously released collab with The Weeknd titled “Low Life”. With the sneak peaks that Future has been giving us, it’s looking like yet another hit album.

Future’s new project will be available on iTunes tomorrow. Make sure to follow DimiHub on Twitter (@DimiHub) and like us on Facebook. Want to write for us? Click HERE and apply. If you are interested in being in our artist spotlight, make sure to email a sample of your music and your story with us at thedimihub@gmail.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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