Young Thug “I’m Up” Mixtape Review, Link, & Rating

Nowadays rappers drop new projects seemingly every other week, especially southern artists. If you have not heard yet, Young Thug out of Atlanta, Georgia has dropped a new mixtape which was originally going to be named Slime Season 3 but at the last minute Mr. Thug changed the name to I’m Up. The mixtape can be listened to on Spinrilla or DatPiff. I’m Up consists of nine songs that I review in this article so let’s get this show on the road:

Listen here:

Track 1 – F Cancer (Boosie) (Feat. Quavo)

The first song from the tape is a collaboration track that pays homage to another rapper named Boosie Badazz from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Boosie Badazz made a song before this track was released called Cancer where he detailed his experience being told he had cancer and how he dealt with it. I like the fact that Young Thug made this the intro to the project because it is a nice lead in song and more importantly the fact that he pays homage to a rapper who along with Gucci Mane, gave a lane for southern rappers to prosper. F Cancer starts off fast pace with heavy bass (bars) and that is something I’m a sucker for. I love a lot of bass in songs that you can bump in the whip. The hook/bridge has a very nice melody and the verses from both Quavo of the Migos and Young Thug have nice flow. I like Quavo’s verse better though. Rate: 9/10

Track 2 – My Boys (Feat. Trouble, Ralo, & Lil Durk)

This is just a chill, mellow, and cool song. It has three featuring artists and they all mostly talk about their close group of friends all of the experiences they had growing up. Narrowed down to one word, I’d have to say it’s about loyalty. Young Thug kills another hook and it fits right in with the beat. I do feel like the artists on the song strayed away from the point/topic of the song a little bit though. Rate: 8/10

Track 3 – For My People (Feat. Duke)

As always with a Young Thug song, the beat selection is great. It has a reggae kind of vibe with a trap twist with the bass. This song doesn’t really having a topic or meaning. It honestly sounds like he is just saying random lines and put them together to make a four minute song. Also depending on who you are, the vocals from Thug on some parts of this song are like nails on a chalkboard. It wasn’t too bad for me but I didn’t love it either. Rate: 7/10

Track 4 – King TROUP

This is another chill song like My Boys. The bridge/hook is catchy and addictive which is Young Thug’s forte. The verses on the other hand aren’t much. It consists of the usual hop out, dab, skrts (car noises), beating cases etcetera although he does throw out a line about stopping the killing so there’s that. Rate: 7/10

Track 5 – Ridin (Feat. Lil Durk)

This song does nothing for me. It’s the typical rap song of who he’s going to shoot, his money, and the women he’s smashing. The flow is alright but the content or effort seems to be lacking. The beat isn’t great enough to make up for it either. I don’t know who is afraid of a man in skirts and dresses who weighs like 80 pounds pulling up on them or even believes he will, but you know what they say; Don’t underestimate anyone. Rate: 5.5/10

Track 6 – Hercules

This song came out almost three months ago which goes to show the effort or lack thereof some rappers today are putting into these mixtapes but the fans eat it up so what can you say. The beat is fire and is made by Metro Boomin who is one of the hottest producers in the game right now. The first part of the bridge/hook reminds me and sounds like Chicago Rapper Chief Keef which isn’t necessarily a good thing for originality points. The verses are not that long and goes in one ear and out the other. The song is mostly ad lib and hook. Rate: 6.5/10

Track 7 – Special (Feat. Offset & Solo Lucci)

Like I said before I am a sucker for bass and this song brings a lot of it which I love. This song is easy to turn up to and it isn’t hard to understand why when you hear this song. The hook isn’t much but saying, “I’m Special”, but the way it’s said combined with the beat is super catchy. Also Offset of the Migos killed his verse and it was smart to make his verse last that leads into the hook at the end to tie everything up. Rate: 9/10

Track 8 – Bread Winners (Feat. Young Butta)

I don’t if it’s just me or not but the way the beat is combined with the way Thug and Butta are rapping makes the song sound a bit jumbled at some parts. This is a good song though and I actually like Young Butta on this song better than Young Thug. Although this song is good, I wouldn’t have it on replay. This is one of those “I haven’t heard this in a bit let me listen to it” type of song for me. Rate: 8/10

Track 9 – Family (Feat. Dora & Dolly)

I love the beat on this song. This was the perfect song to end the mixtape on and Dora & Dolly are cool features and they compliment Thug and the beat very nice. The beat is chill, but you can turn up and dance to it at the same time which is what I like. It’s a versatile song that can be played in various formats and times of the day depending on who you are. I also like the melody and flow of all the verses on the song. Rate: 9.5/10


Overall I think I’m Up is a solid project with some hits and some misses but that’s with any rapper’s mixtape nowadays. I just wish rappers would focus more on quality instead of quantity and would take their time on mixtapes instead of releasing one every two weeks it seems. There is no reason a song from three months ago should be on this project especially when the project is only nine songs. Since it’s not really a great mixtape, I think it will be a temporary fix for Young Thug diehards and then it will be on to the next. I think this mixtape is forgettable for a lack of a better term. I think artists should focus a little bit more on songs that will last a long time and actually strike a chord with the listener through the lyrics instead of just saying jumbled up fast words that don’t have any value but that’s just my opinion. There is nothing wrong with those types of songs though don’t get me wrong, I just think it can get repetitive after a while and that artists like Young Thug and The Migos for example should switch it up once in a while that’s all. I give I’m Up a generous overall rating of 7.7/10.

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