The Best Song From Every Kanye West Album

We are just a couple days away from some new Kanye. Swish Waves A new album titled T.L.O.P. (according to Kanye West’s Twitter) is set to be released February 11th and rap fans everywhere are getting antsy. To get you even more excited for it, DimiHub is giving you the best song from every Kanye West album (including Watch The Throne and Cruel Summer). We will go chronologically starting with Kanye’s debut album The College Dropout and ending with Yeezus.

The College Dropout – “Jesus Walks”

Honorable mentions: “All Falls Down” ft. Seleena Johnson, “Through The Wire”.

“Jesus Walks” takes the title as Kanye’s best song on his first album. “Jesus Walks” is a perfect example of Kanye West’s detail and signature style. The drums, the ARC choir sample of “Walk With Me” and the entire lyrical performance is unbelievable. The song made its way to no. 11 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and to no. 273 on Rolling Stone’s 500 Best Songs of All Time. Kanye kills it on this huge 2004 hit.


Late Registration- “Hey Mama”

Honorable Mentions: “Touch The Sky” ft. Lupe Fiasco, “We Major” ft. Nas and Really Doe

“Hey Mama” is a sweet song Kanye dedicates to his mother, who raised him right in the rough city of Chicago. Kanye compares Mrs. West to poets Maya Angelou and Nikki Giovanni and reminisces about Campbell’s chicken noodle soup. Kanye gave us many hits on this legendary album, but “Hey Mama” is unique. Kanye also used this 2005 track as tribute after his mother’s death in 2007.


Graduation- “Homecoming” ft. Chris Martin.

Honorable Mentions: “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”, “Good Life” ft. T-Pain, “Stronger”

Kanye West’s third album Graduation was arguably his best. It provided mainstream hits like “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”, “Good Life”, and “Stronger”, but the one track that stands out is “Homecoming”. The track features vocals from Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin, who delivers the classic “do you think about now and then?” line. Kanye gives us a classic hip-hop single on yet another great album.


808’s & Heartbreak – “Welcome To Heartbreak” ft. Kid Cudi

Honorable Mentions: “Heartless”, “Love Lockdown”

This one might raise some eyebrows. 808’s & Heartbreak was Kanye’s most innovative album, testing out a whole different style. His two biggest hits were “Heartless” and “Love Lockdown” but the best track that went unnoticed was his collab with Kid Cudi “Welcome To Heartbreak”. Kanye West delivers lines which half explains how rich he is and half explains how those with less than money than him are richer. The powerful lyrics mixed with Cudi’s soothing vocals is why this track tops our list of best song of the album.


My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy- “Lost In The World” ft. Bon Iver

Honorable Mentions: “Dark Fantasy”, “Monster” ft. Rick Ross, Jay Z, and Nicki Minaj

“Lost In The World” gives us the artistic side of Kanye West in a complete song. With a mash up of short raps, vocals, and a mix up of sounds is why this track is at the top of this under-appreciated album.


Watch The Throne (Jay Z collaboration) – “Ni**as In Paris”

Honorable Mentions: “Otis”, “Gotta Have It”

There’s not a reason why this shouldn’t be the best song on the album. The Will Ferrell sample in the middle, the “ball so hard” line, and of course Ye explaining that she indeed, in fact, order fish filet.  This song hit no. 5 on Billboard’s Hot 100.


Cruel Summer (G.O.O.D. Music) – “Clique” ft. Big Sean and Jay Z

Honorable Mentions: “Mercy” ft. Big Sean, Pusha T, and 2 Chainz, “New God Flow” ft. Pusha T

Torn between “Clique” and “Mercy” we took the first. “Clique” gives us some hard Kanye West lines and the track has become a mainstay theme song for everyone’s clique.


Yeezus – “Blood On The Leaves”

Honorable Mentions: “New Slaves”, “Black Skinhead”

Blood On The Leaves provided us with the biggest drop in rap in 2013. Kanye leads with some soft vocals and then punches in the nuts with a huge drop. Although Yeezus is often called West’s worst album, it did provide us with some great hits and new sound. “Blood On The Leaves” is an ode to Kanye’s ever adapting style and was the song that summed up this interesting album.


Kanye West has given us some great sounds, and we can only imagine what’s coming this week.

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