#TBT: Luniz, Cascada, Kid Cudi, and Gym Class Heroes

It’s throwback thursday once again! Luniz, Cascada, Kid Cudi, and the American rejects are on the list.

Woot woot. It’s almost the weekend and a lot of people will be preparing for Valentine’s Day. Others, well, not so much. We are giving you loners a playlist to chill to and cry to at the same time. So drink, eat ice cream,  or do what you do and do it with your wonderful lonely self. Here’s some music you love-able loners.

Luniz is known for having “5 On It”, and since you won’t be spending your money on roses and chocolate or whatever, use your five on something for yourself (preferably some pizza or McChickens, we love McChickens). Enjoy this wonderful classic and forget the fact that you’re alone.

Cascada’s “Everytime We Touch” is every millennial’s secret classic. It’s also the perfect song to cry yet dance to. The lyrics “I still hear your voice when you sleep next to me” and others will probably break your heart thinking about past lovers, BUT THE DROP IS SO ADDICTING THAT YOU HAVE TO DANCE. So, in a confusingly fun way, enjoy this song and hate it at the same time.

Kid Cudi will put you in a weird mood. He could make you happy knowing you’re not alone or he can emphasize the fact that you are, indeed, a loner. Listen to the song “Mr. Solo Dolo” and find yourself in a gloomy mood.

How can you have a lonely Valentine’s when you’re listening to Gym Class Heroes? This guys bring us an anthem of bad relationships and dishonesty with their hit song “Cupid’s Chokehold”. Honestly, the music video will cheer you up and tear you down, just love your invisible Valentine’s.

Cheers to you loners! Enjoy your celebratory day of freedom.




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