Artist Spotlight: Kyan Palmer Holds The Hidden Gem Of SoundCloud

There are child prodigies destined to excel in the music industry, being trained with vocal and piano lessons, then there are those who uncover their talent later on in life. Thankfully, it didn’t take 20-year old singer Kyan Palmer too long to uncover his rare talent. The Gilbert, Arizona product never really thought of a career in music until this past September, but the talent he had has been evident all along. Palmer’s pursuit of music was outworked by his dedication to golf, which is why he hadn’t created any music, but his realization also to one of the hottest uncovered tracks on SoundCloud (we’ll get there soon).

The first time Kyan Palmer ever sang on stage was at his high school talent show and in true superstar fashion, won the competition. Palmer says even though he won in high school, singing still wasn’t something he viewed to be a realistic career for him;

“I just did [the talent show] for fun but I ended up winning it. But, I still never considered myself a singer…It was the fact that I’m graduating (college) in May got me thinking about what I really want to do with my life, and that’s when I realized that music was for me.” – Kyan Palmer

Kyan Palmer sings “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” to win his high school’s talent show (2013).

After the talent show, Palmer stayed away from singing (for the most part). Once in college, most people would have never guessed Palmer had such a talent, until he released the track “Burn Mona Lisa” on SoundCloud. The world got to witness the hidden talent Kyan Palmer has kept from us with a beautifully written and heartwarming song. Palmer announced his pursuit of a career in music with this song. “I posted it on Facebook to see what reactions people would have.” Palmer says, “Everyone was extremely supportive.” Palmer goes on to credit the Greek Life at Arizona State University that gave him immense support, specifically Lambda Chi Alpha and Kappa Alpha Theta.

How did this well-done song come together? “I had never written any songs before…after a few days of trying I wrote “Burn Mona Lisa” in about 45 minutes” Palmer says. You’d never guess it took under an hour for the rookie singer to develop such a complex song, but he did it. After being asked what influenced his lyrics, Palmer says “the song is reflective about experiences I’ve had in my life. it took a lot of reflection to write that song”. He also credits the producer Judge, who “helped me bring my ideas for the track to life. He’s an amazing talent” Palmer says. From then on, Palmer was recommended from a stranger in a barber shop (how awesome is that?) to a home studio in Glendale, Arizona and went on to create what will go down as one of the important tracks in his star potential career.

The track “Burn Mona Lisa” has over 4,000 plays on SoundCloud and Palmer has been pleasantly surprised with the results.

“Most of the people who liked the song and shared it from SoundCloud are people that I have ever heard of before in my life. i really wonder how they heard the song in the first place. That was probably the most unexpected part.”

Well,  Kyan Palmer will have to get used to it, as the exposure will continue to grow. Palmer is currently writing and recording songs, and interning around various record labels in New York. He is taking his music career seriously and realizes nothing happens overnight;

“At this point I’m just taking it day by day. I’m going to put a lot of work in and I have the drive to be successful in this industry. There is a great deal of unknown at this point, but I am optimistic about the future.”

Palmer is the perfect example of showing that it is never too late to pursue a passion. Going after something you love should be your first priority, even when it means going against people’s expectations of you. Kyan Palmer should serve as an inspiration to those who are unsure about pursuing a dream that others view is “unrealistic”. It never hurts to try in life, and in Palmer’s case, trying turned into something special, and it could happen for other aspiring artists as well. Keep on creating Kyan. Thank you.

Kyan Palmer’s new found talent is a blessing to himself and to fans of good music. Stay tuned with Kyan’s music on his Twitter page (@KyanPalmer) and his SoundCloud page (Kyan Palmer). You can buy “Burn Mona Lisa” on iTunes here:


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