Are We Close To Seeing The J Cole And Kendrick Lamar Collab Album?

J Cole and Kendrick Lamar’s collaboration album is set to change the landscape of the rap game. It was rumored to be released sometime in February.

J Cole and Kendrick Lamar continue to be silent on their rumored collaboration album. The interest started to heat up when both rappers released tracks remixing each other’s songs back in November, both titled “Black Friday”.

Even more hype ensued when J Cole’s last verse on his remix of Kendrick’s grammy award winning track “Alright”  hints at a release date for an upcoming project, but is it about a collab album or something different?

It’s Cole fuckin’ world n*gga
Dreamville in this motherfucker, Top Dawg in this motherfucker
“When you and K. Dot shit drop?”
Bitch never, they can’t handle two Black n*ggas this clever
But this February, bet shit get scary when I fuck around and drop…
(Censor Tone)

Well, it’s nearing the end of February and there’s still no J Cole or Kendrick projects. Kendrick Lamar’s sister tweeted something out about a collab album dropping on February 16th, but that has since been deleted and the rumored release date has passed. Are the two rappers who are near the top of the rap game playing around with us, or is this whole “silent treatment” just another way to differentiate their marketing strategy for the album?

The two are arguably the best modern day lyricists and a collab album would bring in numbers similar to Jay Z and Kanye West’s Watch The Throne album. I expect something from these two by the end of February, if not a whole album. Kendrick and Cole will end up taking a route opposite to what Kanye West did with The Life of Pablo, where he started to hype the album up on Twitter a few weeks before the expected release date. The two rappers will keep quiet on the album until after they drop a surprise for us.

Be ready. The rap game will see yet another great album this year.


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