Artist Spotlight: Sulto Takes You High With His Beats

Sulto is a beat maker from Cordoba, Spain. He is DimiHub’s newest Artist Spotlight. Sulto, born Bruno Simonetta, brings wondrous sounds to the world of hip-hop with trippy beats. Sulto┬áhas been producing music for 9 years, and the 21 year-old is showing no signs of stopping. He has immersed himself into the “cloud rap” world….

Why Are Artists’ First Projects Usually The Best?

Artists always seem to put out their best stuff first. Their first album/mixtape/EP seems to hit listeners and attract them more than some of their newer stuff. Why is that? Rappers, bands, singers all go through huge creative changes through their careers. The 20-year old Kanye West isn’t the same Kanye West we see now….

Pell, Our New Favorite Rapper

DimiHub is a collection of music nerds who love listening to music. We come across tons of talent and new artists, and this time we found a rapper named Pell. Pell has already has a substantial amount of fans, and that’s mostly because the New Orleans-based rapper brings an upbeat and fun twist to rap….

Musical Artists Voice Opinions On Donald Trump

Alright, I never want to get political. Especially here on DimiHub, a site dedicated to promoting young artists and other music, it may seem out of place. The reality is, politics has a huge influence on artists, music, and how it’s shaped. From N.W.A. to Bruce Springsteen to U2 to Kendrick Lamar, we’ve seen ways…

The Unbridled Fun of “ColleGrove” Is Infectious

Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz are a perfect pairing on ColleGrove, one of the most fun rap records that’s been released. Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz making an entire album together is one of those things that you don’t really think about at all until it happens, but then afterward you wonder how you hadn’t…