Artist Spotlight: Tracy Irve Is Ready To Take Over The World

Swedish siblings Linnea and Alexander Herlogsson have been destined to meet great music heights since birth. Their father was part of the famous Swedish rock band Snowstorm, so it was only natural the children followed suit. As the band Tracy Irve, the two have been able to find success internationally with their twist on pop. Tracy Irve gives the world the dark-side of pop that has been missing in modern music. Their different style has allowed them to skyrocket to the top of Swedish charts, and earned them the attention of musicians all over the world.

The Herlogsson siblings have been making music together since 2008, and have seen continued success since. In 2012, Tracy Irve got the opportunity to work with American producer Chris Stokes, who has worked with Omarion, Marques Houston, Jhene Aiko, amongst others, under his label Silent Partner. The group had the chance to collaborate with  hip-hop producer Jahlil Beats on a five track mixtape for the 2012 film Battlefield America. The mixtape gave the group a new sound, and gave them an expanding fanbase and recognition across the hip-hop world. The group went back to their dark ways when they worked on the soundtrack for the 2013 horror film The Helpers. The track “See You Naked” is a perfect example of this.

In 2014, Tracy Irve split with the Silent Partner label, but continued to give us high quality music. Their sound has continued to develop into something special and true to them. When asked what the band will focus on next in their music career the band responded with “we want to do our own thing. We have been working with a lot of different people and with a lot of different projects and at the moment we just wanna do Tracy Irve and see where that take us”.

Their melancholy style translates into their music videos as well. The group continuously brings true sounds and incredible lyrics to the table, and as they continue to grow as artists, so will their music. The group gave us their track “Town” on January 26th, which shot up the Swedish charts, and might be their best work to date.

Tracy Irve have performed many shows in their career, most recently at Sweden’s biggest snowboarding contest “Ale Invite”, hosted by their friends Tor Lundström and Kevin Bäckström. Tracy Irve plans on developing their live shows and the performances they put on for their fans. Along with shows and music videos, the band also does covers of songs. Their most recent video shows their incredible ability to perform live with their own rendition of James Blake’s “Retrograde”.

Tracy Irve is set to take on the world. With an EP scheduled for this upcoming spring/early summer, the band will continue to bring meaningful music to the world, and continue to see instant success in the music industry.

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