Musical Artists Voice Opinions On Donald Trump

Alright, I never want to get political. Especially here on DimiHub, a site dedicated to promoting young artists and other music, it may seem out of place. The reality is, politics has a huge influence on artists, music, and how it’s shaped. From N.W.A. to Bruce Springsteen to U2 to Kendrick Lamar, we’ve seen ways artists express their feelings on political and social issues, and with racial issues at a historic level in modern history (especially throughout this presidential election) artists aren’t sitting back.

Donald Trump is running for president. Nothing we can do can change that he’s running, but some artist are trying to make sure he won’t be winning. There are many examples of anti-Trump in music but let’s just touch on some of the most recent examples.

The Game in his hit track “El Chapo” takes a small shot at trump saying that he’ll get “Guadalupe to come and knock Donald Trump off his toupe”. #TheGame2016 might be my new slogan. This gives me a hilarious visualization of Trump’s hair barely hanging on to his head. The Game’s fellow rapper Pusha T jabs at Trump as well on his track “Untouchable”.  He says “I am more U2, I am like Bono with the Edge, In Mexico, fuck Donald and his pledge”. He also explains the lyric on with his own words.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 8.35.34 PM

Rapper Mac Miller went on The Nightly Show to rant on Donald Trump, and the video went viral. Mac Miller goes on a long rant including saying that “we as a nation are better than you’ll ever be as a racist fuckwad of a human”. Watch Mac Miller’s segment below.

Lastly, John Legend called Donald Trump and his father racists.

CNN reported it, Legend responded. John Legend is just the most recent example of distain towards Trump and his sometimes frightening campaign.

Everyone has their opinion, and it seems like a large part of the music industry is not fond of Donald Trump at all. In a time where our nation is going through an immense amount of racial tension and civil strife, artists are trying to prevent a figure that would divide the country even more.

Lastly, I don’t care if you “like” Trump or not. The fact is he is dividing a nation. I’m not a politics geek or even enjoy politics in any small way, but you wouldn’t spend your money on a shitty album, so why invest 4 years on a shitty person?


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