Pell, Our New Favorite Rapper

DimiHub is a collection of music nerds who love listening to music. We come across tons of talent and new artists, and this time we found a rapper named Pell. Pell has already has a substantial amount of fans, and that’s mostly because the New Orleans-based rapper brings an upbeat and fun twist to rap. His two projects Floating While Dreaming and LIMBO show off the artist’s talents, and some of the songs will just get you addicted. If you’re looking for a comparison of who Pell reminds us of, we view him as if someone merged together Kid Cudi’s first Man On The Moon album with Chance The Rapper’s mixtape AcidRap. His style satisfies those with a very unique and fun taste in music.

Here at DimiHub, we found Pell on TIDAL Rising, and we must’ve played the track “In The Morning” ft. Stephen, Caleborate about 4 billion times (not really, but it was a lot) and the track leaped from 3rd to 1st on Pell’s top tracks (we’ll take credit for that). Pell’s voice combined with the well-orchestrated and fun beat allows for the song to come together as a radio type hit. Listen to the song below:

Pell isn’t a one-hit wonder, however. Every single song the artist puts out seems to speak to his listeners. He gives visualizations like none other, while also engulfing listeners in instant emotions depending on the song. “In The Morning” was light and fun, and so is his track “Queso”, which has been getting a lot of notability thanks to a remix by producer Chuck Inglish. Both tracks are great, but the original version captures Pell’s artistry best. Here are both tracks.

Pell will be spending his year touring and being a part of huge music festivals like SXSW and FireFly Music Festival, so as his shows grow, so will his fanbases. More tour dates can be find at Pell became our favorite rapper solely through his music and style, and in today’s bloated industry, that’s a hard task to accomplish. Make sure you listen to Pell (@PELLYEAH) and share our love of new age rap.

Stay creating.

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