Artist Spotlight: Sulto Takes You High With His Beats

Sulto is a beat maker from Cordoba, Spain. He is DimiHub’s newest Artist Spotlight.

Sulto, born Bruno Simonetta, brings wondrous sounds to the world of hip-hop with trippy beats. Sulto has been producing music for 9 years, and the 21 year-old is showing no signs of stopping. He has immersed himself into the “cloud rap” world. Cloud rap is a form of rap that puts listeners in a dream-like state, and that’s exactly what Sulto consistently puts out with every one of his beats.

“I love cloud rap and everything ambient inspired. i have to admit i’m an ambient connoisseur, Biosphere being my favorite artist in the genre.”, Sulto says. Biosphere will be sure to put Sulto on his radar. His beats create a peaceful and mystical aura whenever you listen to his stuff. Sulto tries to take you to a new world, just like he did on this track called “Space Beach”.

Where did this infatuation with beat making start? “I started when I was 13. I started because I’ve always listened to a bunch of different music and thought why not make my own?”, says Sulto. Although cloud rap hasn’t quite hit the mainstream, Sulto credits high-profiled producers like Young Chop, Southside, Metro Boomin, and Icytwat. His dream would be to work with Young Chop and Future.

Sulto consistently puts out great songs and has thousands of plays on his YouTube channel, but he still recognizes the most difficult challenges of competing in this bloated industry;

“The biggest challenge, by far is getting out there. There’s just so much music on the internet. I see it like this: imagine a party where everyone is talking to themselves. Only those who scream the loudest will be heard by the whole room. Thing is, screaming costs a bunch of money or training. They won’t hear what you say because you’re saying entertaining stuff. That’s not enough nowadays. So you get artists with a lot of talent and 40 plays, and artists with zero talent but rich parents from Sweden or they just know people and know how to use the plug.” – Sulto

Sulto won’t let the struggle of breaking through deter his drive to becoming the face of beat making. His latest single, “baked af” exemplifies once again his ability to soothe and influence the thoughts in a listeners mind. Here is his latest track:

Sulto must continue to perfect his craft, but he already built himself a good vantage point to shoot to the top of the game in the near future. He is an alternative rapper’s dream in terms of finding a producer that gives the world a distinct sound, now all he has to do is continue to grow:

“I hope i will keep growing as an artist, and learn how to promote my work properly so I will catch someone’s attention and make it big. I have been working for 9 years, been in a lot of projects and making different genres.
I don’t know what projects are waiting for me, I only know they are something I for sure don’t expect, that’s what’s been happening in my life as a producer. You never know who’s gonna call you and say they need something specific, and the money is nice so you have to do it so you can invest in your own project.
Some investments go good some go wrong. After all these years i’ve learned a bit of e-marketing and such, maybe in a few years i will have the keys to success and we will be able to find “sulto type beats” on Youtube!” – Sulto.
All artists should keep tabs on this up and coming cloud rapper. Sulto will provide this generation with a new type of sound. A sound that will create trippiness and peace. Make sure you check out his website at It’s time to make cloud rap known.
Stay creating.

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