Kid Cudi Back To His Old Ways With New Music

Kid Cudi has hit the music game hard with his recent singles “The Frequency” and “All In”. Is he priming fans for something special?

Kid Cudi is an interesting artists. He’s always changing his style of music somehow, while keeping the same undertones of his roots. His cult following gives him lee-way to experiment as an artist, and for the most part Kid Cudi has done a great job in excelling with different sounds.

His last album, Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven, was an interesting experiment but it flopped for the most part. It took his fans to a completely different genre that some related to, but others couldn’t bare to listen to it.

Well thankfully for fans of alternative hip-hop, Kid Cudi is back to his old ways with his two new singles. “The Frequency” has been out for a month and has gotten listeners excited for more Kid Cudi. The Plain Pat and Mike Dean production showed the return of Kid Cudi’s signature sound of a rap/sing mix over a trippy beat in a track that will let you escape to a world trippy-ness called Cudderland.

The most memorable lines came in the first half of the first verse where Kid Cudi spits some real shit:

“Couple girls, couple stories, and a couple shrooms
Couple girls, couple stories, and a couple shrooms
Couple clubs and I’m in the zone
Rather take the party home
Took it in the groove
Wet sex passionate in a dark tomb
In a dark tomb
If it twine inside then hold tight never let it loose
Wet it up”

That’s the Kid Cudi we’ve been missing. The dark, recreational drug, sex lyrics that Kid Cudi found his staple with on his debut Man On The Moon: The End of Day. “The Frequency” is a refreshing getaway from the new-era style of rap, and the track gets a DimiHub rating of 8.7/10. “The Frequency” is our first look at the new-old Kid Cudi.

The second track “All In” was the first time Kid Cudi collaborated with mega-producer Mike WiLL Made It.

The track is reminiscent of a mix between Man On The Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager and Indicud and gives us a sneak peek into Kid Cudi’s love life.  He also goes into talking about some kind of self-reformation. Here’s his 2nd verse.

“Why all the fussin’, I can explain
I know your heart is all in no one takes your place
I hate the man that I was so I’m becoming
We’re learning together anyhow
We’re learning together right now
Facing the man that I was, tired of running”

“All In” was a nice little track, but “The Frequency” stands far superior. “All In” gets a DimiHub rating of 7.7/10.0.

Kid Cudi claimed that his long awaited Man On The Moon III album would be different from the rest of the trilogy in terms of sounds, but he may be backtracking from those statements. These new releases could’ve been stashed music, but this should serve Kid Cudi notice that tinkering with the MOTM trilogy may bring some major heat. He could be leaning towards some old sounds.

More Kid Cudi is hopefully on the way soon.


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