Old and New: 4 Rap Collab Albums We Would Have Loved To See

DimiHub goes through the rap collaborations we would have loved to see between old and new rappers.

Rap has evolved in its short lifetime. And it has evolved drastically. We often yearn for the classics, when Hip-Hop was still a real thing and not just a genre. The new age of rap has been important as well, which is why a mix between some old and new artists would have worked perfectly while giving us the best of completely different eras.

In this list, we give you 4 rap collab albums we would have loved to see. We examined style, fit between artists, and overall influence on the rap game.

A Tribe Called Chance


A Tribe Called Quest could be considered one of the most influential rap group of all time. Their classic beats mixed with upbeat, catchy, and actual relatable lyrics made people fall in love with Hip-Hop. Cross them over with the young powerhouse rapper in Chance The Rapper, who emphasizes on uplifting music, and you’ve got an album for the ages. Phife Dawg and Chance’s unique voices combined would have been unforgettable. An album that would have been a summer hit A Tribe Called Chance, is an ultimate cult rap fantasy.

Str8 Outta Rolling Papers

weazy e

Lyrically, Wiz Khalifa and Eazy-E have often been criticized. Wiz has made a staple off of smoking weed and feel good melodies. Eazy-E didn’t write his lyrics until the end of his career, but the fact is these two make you want to listen to any song they’re on with their staple styles. I’m sure a “Cruisin’ In My 64” remix with Wiz Khalifa would have been straight fire.

Ready To Take


Biggie and Joey Bada$$ are Brooklyn legends. Biggie took Brooklyn and visualized stories about his life there and made himself into the best rapper to ever live. Joey Bada$$ was naturally influenced by Biggie, and it’s evident in his music. He has become one of the top rappers in the game at a young age, and he will continue to flourish with his incredible ability to tell his story through music. These two Brooklynites would have given us the ultimate East Coast rap album, combated of course by the West Side with:

Kings For The People


I mean, this one is too easy, right? Tupac took the West Coast style of rap and used to tell the world of the struggle his people are fighting through. Pac was a pioneer in social activism through rap, and connected with listeners more than any other rapper could even dream of. Kendrick Lamar is this era’s Tupac. Becoming the main source of civil rights in modern rap, Kendrick has dedicated his music towards exposing the tribulations of the African-American people and has created a soulful album. This album would have brought us the realest lyrics we could imagine. And both rappers would pinpoint their targets and break them down with unthinkable lyrics.

These albums all would have been classics. The old will always influence the new, and the rap game will continue to adapt without forgetting its roots. We must now see what the future of the genre will bring us.


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