Kehlani’s New Single “24 7” May Take Over Radio Waves Soon

Kehlani dropped her new single “24 7” and it is sounding like a hit.

Kehlani does it again with the song “24 7”. This time, she may even break through the radio waves. Kehlani has been known for singing over some great beats, making it easy for rappers to remix her songs.

The song “24 7” is the kind of song to chill to. It’s the song that’ll be a great ending to a good night. Luckily for Kehlani, it is perfectly catered to radio time. With a sound that’s a little bit of pop and some R&B, don’t be surprised to hear Kehlani’s new track across the nation soon.

Kehlani gives us some deep lyrics that everyone can relate to:

“I have my days when I am upside-down, topsy-turvy
I have my days when I am not myself, and I’m not worried
I have my nights when I’m not anxious
To wake up and feel any better”

We all have those days Kehlani, we all have those days.

“24 7” will surely make its way into our summer playlist. With mainstream music hitting kind of a lull after Beyonce’s “LEMONADE”, this was the perfect time for Kehlani to drop this soulful track.

“24 7” will surely make waves on the radio soon. And it might be Kehlani’s next big break.



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