Chance The Rapper Releases Mixtape Date, New Song

Chance The Rapper released info on his upcoming mixtape Chance 3 as well as a new song called “Blessings” on the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.

This is his part…NOBODY ELSE SPEAK. Chance The Rapper dropped some huge news on the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. His mixtape Chance 3 will drop May 13th, and he also debut his new song called “Blessings”.

Chance The Rapper gives us a glimpse of what Chance 3 may be like. The soulfulness of “Blessings” gives us a mix of relaxing music, but also introduces Chance The Rapper’s recent return to full on rapping.

Chance The Rapper’s latest project was a collab with Donnie Trumpets & The Social Experiment on a free album called Surf. The album was musically great, however it was harshly criticized for not being a good follow up to his classics mixtapes 10 Days Off and AcidRap. 

His first two mixtapes really exemplified Chance’s youth and “don’t give a fuck” attitude. Surf, on the other hand, showed Chance’s growth into a well-rounded artist.

Chance The Rapper has been getting exciting with some recent appearances. His incredible verse on Kanye West’s track “Ultralight Beam” stole the show and got fans ramped up for more bars from Chance The Rapper.

The artist will continue his reign of ruling the world of free music, as he has yet to drop an official studio album. Chance The Rapper will be set to start the summer with a blaze with his Chance 3 tape.

Where are other projects (ehem, Views From The 6) have failed to live up to the hype, this first track really makes it seem like Chance 3 will become the project of the summer. Chance The Rapper’s climb to the top these past 3 years have been fun, and this project is his opportunity to make himself a staple in the rap game.

Expect soul, fun, and funky beats to come with Chance 3. Chance The Rapper will not disappoint.


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