Kyan Palmer Releases New Single “Hit List”

Dimihub Artist Spotlight alum Kyan Palmer has released his second single “Hit List”, listen to it below.

You may remember singer Kyan Palmer’s surprising story into the life of music in an interview he had with DimiHub months ago. From no experience to holding one of the hidden gems on SoundCloud, the “Burn Mona Lisa” singer is back at it with yet another hit in his new single “Hit List”, which is available on Spotify.

Much like the lyrics in “Burn Mona Lisa”, “Hit List” exemplifies Kyan Palmer’s ability as a lyricist as well as a dynamic singer. It seems that Kyan Palmer hits the track “Hit List” with more attitude, more flare. Palmer tells listeners a story of vindication involving a heartbreaking lover.

“You spiraled me into cardiac arrest”

It’s clear that Kyan Palmer is continuing to develop into music’s next heartthrob. With a striking voice made perfectly for modern pop, Palmer continues to deliver with “Hit List”. The track allows Kyan Palmer to show more variety when it comes to sound and ability to deliver powerful vocals with different tempos.

In just his sophomore track, Palmer continues to find his way to wow listeners with his natural talent. His now undistracted dedication to music will allow him to not only grow as an artist, but see his circle of listeners expand as well as his presence in the music world.

What Kyan Palmer brings is something fresh to pop, alternative pop, however you want to classify it. It isn’t your girlfriend’s pop, your mom’s pop, the childhood pop you grew up with. It’s Kyan Palmer’s very own way of bringing his influences into one beautiful sound.

Kyan Palmer

His melodic voice is easy to listen to, and his lyrics cater to a wide variety of listeners. Kyan Palmer is an unquestioned talent. His early music career has already been a success, with “Burn Mona Lisa” seemingly being a hard act to follow until his release of “Hit List” proved to be even better than his first.

Kyan Palmer has given himself a tough act to follow yet again, but with his talents it won’t be surprising to continue to see this young star explode quickly into a big name in the industry. Humble and talented, Palmer is a story of a kid taking a huge chance in his life and not passing up on opportunity. We will continue to keep tabs on Kyan Palmer and his music career.

Make sure you follow Kyan Palmer on SoundCloud for more of his music.


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