Kyan Palmer Releases New Single “Hit List”

Dimihub Artist Spotlight alum Kyan Palmer has released his second single “Hit List”, listen to it below. You may remember singer Kyan Palmer’s surprising story into the life of music in an interview he had with DimiHub months ago. From no experience to holding one of the hidden gems on SoundCloud, the “Burn Mona Lisa” singer…

Artist Spotlight: Sulto Takes You High With His Beats

Sulto is a beat maker from Cordoba, Spain. He is DimiHub’s newest Artist Spotlight. Sulto, born Bruno Simonetta, brings wondrous sounds to the world of hip-hop with trippy beats. Sulto has been producing music for 9 years, and the 21 year-old is showing no signs of stopping. He has immersed himself into the “cloud rap” world….

Artist Spotlight: Tracy Irve Is Ready To Take Over The World

Swedish siblings Linnea and Alexander Herlogsson have been destined to meet great music heights since birth. Their father was part of the famous Swedish rock band Snowstorm, so it was only natural the children followed suit. As the band Tracy Irve, the two have been able to find success internationally with their twist on pop….

Artist Spotlight: Kyan Palmer Holds The Hidden Gem Of SoundCloud

There are child prodigies destined to excel in the music industry, being trained with vocal and piano lessons, then there are those who uncover their talent later on in life. Thankfully, it didn’t take 20-year old singer Kyan Palmer too long to uncover his rare talent. The Gilbert, Arizona product never really thought of a career in music…

Artist Spotlight: Peter Nic Is The World’s Next Pop Star

Australian Singer Peter Nic sits down with DimiHub for a q&A about his music career. You can follow on Instagram (@PETERNICMUSIC), facebook (PETER NIC MUSIC), and Youtube (PETER NIC MUSIC). Check out (Currently Under Reconstruction. From Philadelphia, to South Carolina, to Adelaide, Australia, DimiHub is all about getting artists’ names out to the world….

Artist Spotlight: Zack Clyburn Talks About His Greatest Influences

Follow rapper Zack Clyburn on twitter (@ZACKCLYBURN) and Soundcloud (ZACK CLYBURN). Make Sure to check out @DIMIHUb on twitter for some more music from our artist spotlight. Zack Clyburn is bringing a movement. A good vibe movement. Born Zaccheus Clyburn, the young rapper from Lancaster, South Carolina brings a refreshing sound to the hip-hop game….